Do you know the power of your words?

My commitment to you will be to connect through art, with short stories told on a canva that carry textures, colors, shapes or simply embellishing your spaces with contemporary art.

​When we say words with power, the situation changes for better or for worse, that is why we must tame our minds so that each word of affirmation that comes out of our MOUTH is positive and thus we will create the habit of thinking, speaking and acting in favor of live healthily happy.

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Mouthyx NFT

Meet my NFT Project

The Mouthyx was born from art! From a deep need to express to the world words that build a new human being.

Each one has their personality and style, but they have something in common: The Power of the Words!

Through their mouths they give value to positive words and transform negative ones into growth and learning.

The main objective is to support and encourage mental health care...

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