Vella Hayet

I understood that when there is something that you are passionate about, you have to give it strength and without a doubt the results will be fruitful because you do it with passion, focus and love, the most powerful instrument that made me evolve was a canvas, a brush and many paints.

What is the purpose of VELLA HAYET? 

VELLA HAYET was born with the idea of ​​creating a world that adds to the positive, that revolves around the evolution of your home and your life, where you can create changes from the inside out, starting with the outside, you will enjoy the works.

Full of style, elegance, originality, projection, color, sensuality, you will be able to admire your spaces with an abstract work setting a great trend of being able to combine shapes, colors, strokes, letting your imagination and creativity fly on each canvas, and the most that you VELLA HAYET offers, is that in each work, in addition to the abstract handmade, you can enjoy a very important part of your body such as THE MOUTH, it is embodied in a subtle, sexy, full way, to complete a modern work and original.

Now let's see beyond what is in front of our eyes. Without a doubt, every day we have an impact on the world around us, what we say and do makes a difference, our purpose is to know what difference we want to be, since it is proven by doctors and neuroscientists that we can stay healthy. simply managing what we say and do for the sake of adding, words and actions of well-being and happiness towards oneself and towards others. ​

When we say words with power, the situation changes for better or for worse, that is why we must tame our mind so that each word of affirmation that comes out of our MOUTH is positive and thus we will create the habit of thinking, speaking. and act in favor of living happily and healthily.

Since everything depends on you, if you say that you are not going to achieve it, you will not be able to, and if you say yes I can, you will also be right, since everything is based on your body and your mind giving you strength. and it is executed. Let us forget that the words are carried away by the wind, it is a mistake, they remain in our minds and lead our lives along the path that the wind indicates.

Our present and future depend on our word, your MOUTH is a powerful instrument, which can add or subtract in your life and in the lives of others, VELLA HAYET is born from that power, THE POWER OF YOUR MOUTH, from your words of your affirmations, the power you have over your life, maybe you already knew it but we don't always give it strength to add and to evolve, and that is why with Vella Hayet we not only offer you a work of light, beauty and style, we also I invite you to live healthy and happy from the inside out.

About The Artist: Vella Hayet. 


I was born on May 5, 1989 in Valencia, Venezuela. Since I was little I had an interest in art, it was my goal but I had not yet discovered it, since we were little they give us many career options to become a professional but plastic art was not in the common options of my life, that's why I grew up, I graduated as a business administrator, diplomas, conferences and more, that was good but it was not great, since at that time I thought it would be an instrument to give strength to entrepreneurship and not opt ​​for the world of the traditional system, and if I did.

I worked in different fields and I had professional growth, but I also felt the effects of the emotional ups and downs, I was the victim of a mental sabotage, where due to different situations I experienced, I gave way to a strong depression, which made me react, I needed to find someone through what I learned from that situation, a change of attitude and action that would allow me to evolve and get out of that focus in which I was at that moment, the most beautiful thing is that on that trip that e started as a self-help, became through art an instrument to help others.

With vivid colors they helped me to give light to my darkness, in each work I captured everything I lived, everything I learned, this led me to become a visual artist, I delved deeper, what before was a hobby and a passion, today it is my profession, that is why through my works and art I help others to find their north, their passion and make them see the power that our words have, with which we can create or destroy, that is why all my works are represented with a mouth, as a reminder that we can transform everything negative into positive from the inside out and when our thoughts and feelings are transformed into words they become an entity that helps us with our mental and emotional health and trains us to be healthy and happy from the inside out, with ourselves and with others.

I currently live in the United States, a country that has given me the opportunity to expand my art throughout the world, my works are aimed at all people who appreciate abstract art, and who, like me at that time, are looking for a source of inspiration to give it a positive turn to your life and my vision without a doubt, is that in each space where my works are destined, generate a positive change in that home or space, and in turn get these people to duplicate the positive actions, helping the world to live healthy in body, mind and heart.